How does the task with Actuals display if it has been deleted?
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How does the task with Actuals display if it has been deleted?


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After deleting a project task with actuals, what is the expected behavior?  Is this behavior as designed?

A deleted task re-appears as a new task with ID '~dtp', and the original task is still in the list with actuals.


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When you delete a task with Actuals, the expected behavior is the following:

Regular Task:

  1. A Deleted Task entry gets added to the project and the actuals will be added to it.
  2. If you open the Project with Gantt/OWB/MSP, you will see the task is moved there as a child
  3. The entry of the Task on the Tasks list would still display with the original Actuals on it.

Note: This happens because the Task has actuals. Once the task has actuals, it cannot be deleted. Even if you try to make a timesheet adjustment to zero out the actuals and put it on another task, that task will still not be allowed to be deleted, because it is linked to the transactions.


Parent/Phase task:

  1. This Task does not have its own actuals. It has the rolled up actuals from its Children Tasks
  2. Once deleted, the Task will be removed from the Task List completely, If its child was deleted, then the actuals will be set to 0, and it will remain in the list
  3. In the Tasks List the actuals are set to 0. This is not because the Actuals are erased, but because the Parent/Phase task does not have actuals on its own, it's a cumulative number of all the children tasks

Additional Information

Note that if you use Delete Row instead of Delete button, this is what could happen:


  1. Delete a task with actuals by highlighting the task, right click and clicking the “Delete Row”
  2. The deleted task disappears and the Deleted Tasks’ Actuals stays the same without change.
  3. Browse to other page and then browse back to the Tasks page
  4. The deleted task re-appears and the Deleted Tasks now has the actuals increased by the deleted task’s actuals.


The actuals may not be updated until the page is refreshed, and this is by design