Required MS SQL drivers needed for Agent-based SQL data collection in CCS
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Required MS SQL drivers needed for Agent-based SQL data collection in CCS


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Control Compliance Suite (CCS)

When installing the MSSQL CCS Snap-in on servers that you would like CCS to scan the MSSQL databases, the Microsoft SQL client is no longer installed automatically with the CCS SQL Snap-in.  The MSSQL client now has to be installed manually on each agent to collect SQL data. 


Release: 12.5, 12.5.x, 12.6.x

Component:  CCS Agent with the SQL Snap-in required for data collection of MS SQL assets


The Microsoft SQL client would sometimes force a reboot of the server, and that is not something that Symantec can control or change.  Because of this feature from Microsoft, Symantec has removed the MSSQL client from our install and it now has to be manually installed on each server before CCS will be able to collect SQL data.


For data collection of MS SQL databases on a server with a CCS agent, the MSSQL client needs to be installed on each agent so CCS can collect data. 

From SCU 2019-2 onwards, for agent-based data collection, you must manually install specific drivers depending on the version of the operating system of the agent computer and corresponding versions of MS SQL Server. 

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client -version 11.0.7001.0 (Deprecated by Microsoft, no longer supported by Symantec)

For SCU 2020-1 onward:

For all supported MSSQL databases:

Additional Information

Information on the new release of OLE DB Driver for SQL Server from Microsoft: