TDM Portal Data Model Scans are not getting canceled


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


We are experiencing an issue where a long-running Data Modeling scan is not getting canceled. The message in TDM Portal indicates the cancellation was successful, but the message appears to be misleading.


Sustaining Engineering said that the message should state the cancel request was successfully received and agrees it is a bit misleading. The issue could be due to not having a listener in one of the microservices codes, so the service doesn't know about the cancel request. Engineering will need to take a closer look into the issue and requested a copy of the TDM Portal Debug logs.


Release : 4.9.1

Component : CA Test Data Manager



An analysis of the debug logs show a DB related error, which is related to datatype. The two SQL queries in question are:

  • select count(*) as total_rows from [DSIM0_CMBAS_AFTMASKDEV].[dbo].[Hires_and_Termination_Report_v2]

  • select count(*) as total_rows from [DSIM0_CMBAS_AFTMASKDEV].[dbo].[Hires_and_Termination_Report_v3]

The customer contacted their vendor in an effort to get more information about these two queries and found out from their vendor that these are "orphan views that are not meant to be there, hold-overs from version upgrades." 

The vendor is providing a patch to remove the two orphan views. This does not appear to be a TDM related issue.