OpenGear Devices missing serial numbers in Spectrum SSDB.
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OpenGear Devices missing serial numbers in Spectrum SSDB.


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


OpenGear Devices missing serial numbers from SSDB.  


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


The OpenGear Serial Number OID is:


ogSerialNumber OBJECT-TYPE
 SYNTAX DisplayString (SIZE (0 .. 64))
 ACCESS read-only
 STATUS current

 "The current serial number (if applicable)."
  ::= { ogSystem 2 }


1. Load the OpenGear MIB files into Spectrum MIB Tools

2. Locate the OID above in mib tools to verify it exists:


3. Select the map tab and located the oid and map it to a custom attribute:

NOTE:  When making changes with Model Type Editor the changes need to be made exactly the same on every landscape OR the catalog needs to be saved and reloaded on every landscape.  This does not apply to fault tolerant secondary servers.

Use caution when making edits under Model Type Editor.

Here are the Model Type Editor Steps to change OID for OpenGear:

4. Stop SpectrumServer.

5. Launch MTE to match the OID as below:


6. Locate ogSerialNumber and change OID from to


7.  Make sure you Commit to Database and Save Changes


8. Start Spectrum Server.

9.  Then map the DeviceSerialAttr value to point to the ogSerialNumber attribute created in step 3:



Additional Information

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