SystemEDGE with VCAIM plugin is discovered on Spectrum under Spectrum VHM Tree but the VMware VCenter infrastructure is not discovered


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


After install a SystemEDGE and VCAIM plugin, the server is discovered and modeled into Spectrum as:

Model Type: Host_systemEDGE

Device Type: VMware Manager and vCenter Server

Anyway the VMWare VCenter infrastructure isn't discovered for this model under the Spectrum VHM tree:


This situation happens because the VCAIM hasn't been configured to connect to any VMWare VCenter Server.

If you check the configuration for this AIM under "Information Tab - SystemEDGE Application Insight Modules (AIMs) - VMWare vCenter - Configuration", you will note that the VCAIM doesn't have any VCenter host registered with it.

Note: No try to set from this GUI the VCAIM's configuration because you will receive the following error. The VCAIM should be configured on VCAIM's side.


Release: SPPREM05900-9.2-Spectrum-Infrastructure Manager-Premium Suite


To resolved this situation do the following:

Configure the VCAIM plugin using the nodecfgutil command at SystemEDGE/VCAIM server and specify the parameters to connect to the VCenter server:

  • VCenter hostname user (domain\user format)
  • user's password
  • port (default 443)
  • protocol (default https)

Note: See the SystemEDGE User Guide manual for more details about VCAIM configuration.

  • Recycle the SystemEDGE agent and rediscover this server on Spectrum.

  • Now under Spectrum VHM Tree the VMWare VCenter infrastructure will be discovered for this VCAIM agent:


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