unable to launch any sendevent command or see any job log on a new ixp console


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CA Workload Automation iXP


I have installed a new ixp console this morning on the same server as our new autosys AE instance.

i have configured the autosys instance.

when trying to see the job output or launching any sendevent command i have the below message:

std_out_file=command=autosyslog -J ZZZ_XXX_YYYY -r 0 -n 0 -t O
Please check atleast one of the following conditions are met.
*) Set CAPKIHOME environment variable.
*) Pass valid second parameter to etpki_lib_init function.
Ex: if the second parameter is /a/b/c/[lib]cryptocme2.[dll][so][sl],
it is assumed that /a/b/c has all the required CAPKI shared libraries
CAUAJM_E_00224 The CAPKI library experienced an internal error and may not have initialized properly.
CAUAJM_E_10029 Communication attempt with the CA WAAE Application Server has failed! [xxxxxx:9000]
CAUAJM_E_10221 Exhausted list of available Application Server(s). Failing request.
CAUAJM_E_50033 Error initializing tx subsystem: CAUAJM_E_10062 Failed to get initial configuration from CA WAAE Application Server(s).


Release : 11.4

Component : Workload Automation IXP


We set the environment first by running the autouser script and then restarted ixp.

Now it is able to run the client utilities.