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I want to create an email notification sent to Project Managers so they can get a link every week to update their projects directly in the CA tool. I would love a walk through on how exactly to do this.




Here are the two examples and corresponding documentation for review, that discuss sending out reminders/notification on recurring basis to keep Project Managers updated on projects.

Action items
Action items are configured via Home > Personal > Organizer > Action Items
- Action items would need to be run at each project instance.
- Action Items can not be triggered via Clarity Job
- Configure a Notification Template - Notification templates correspond to specific functional areas, such as action items: Configure Notifications and Notification Templates

Configure Processes
Gel script
- For notification/reminder every week across all projects you can use process/gel script for example, you can create custom actions that include custom gel script that include notification/reminder to pm's across all projects.
- Process can be triggered via Clarity Job.