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OI Connector for PM - how to determine Tenant ID and tenant Token?


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DX Operational Intelligence


We are using OI SaaS. We are able to get the OI Connector for Performance Manager installed and running. However, It seems like, we are using the incorrect Tenant ID for PM and/or incorrect token. We see errors in OIConnector.log for PM.

ERROR [2021-02-15 20:51:48,187] [NASS-Reg-4] [MetricRegistrar] - Cannot bulk register Metrics : Recieved HTTPResponse code = 401 while trying to bulk register.
ERROR [2021-02-15 20:52:05,983] [pool-2-thread-8] [TASGroupTask] - [EVENT UNSPECIFIED Anonymous:[email protected] -> /] Failed ingesting groups to TAS for CAPC tenant id : _default_ Error: 401: {"error":{"code":600,"message":"Bad Authorization Header","traceId":"xxds15643cdssfxxxx6"}}
ERROR [2021-02-15 20:52:05,983] [pool-2-thread-8] [GroupTaskImpl] - [EVENT UNSPECIFIED Anonymous:[email protected] -> /] Unable to push 62 groups to data sink.

How to determine the correct Tenant ID and tenant Token?


Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations


To obtain Tenant ID, please contact Broadcom Support.

It seems like the issue is with the token that we are using for this integration.

Agent token works for the connectors and tenant token is not needed but based on the error it seems the token is invalid.
We can suggest you to create a new Agent token and try it. Generate the agent token from APM Settings UI.

Also if there is any other OI connector (UIM, Spectrum etc.) already configured ( and working good) for the same tenant, then we can copy the working token and use it with OI Connector for PM.