What does the PSA(Subsystem Analyzer) RIDPOOL 'Number Columns Bypassed' Field indicate?
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What does the PSA(Subsystem Analyzer) RIDPOOL 'Number Columns Bypassed' Field indicate?


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Database Management for DB2 for z/OS - Performance Suite


In the PSA/ RIDPOOL screen there is a field "DB2 Maintenance Issues" and then under Row Failures a field "Number Columns Bypassed".  What is this number indicating, and its impact?  

Partial screen shot:

Rid Pool Use Processing Failures     
RDS Rid Limit Reached              0 
DM Rid Limit Reached               0 
DB2 Maintenance Issues         10491 


Row Failures                                                                   
Current Committed Inserts          0      Current Comitted Deletes           0 
Current Committed Updates          0      Number Columns Bypassed        10491 



Release : 20.0

Component : CA Subsystem Analyzer for Db2 for z/OS (PSA), Sysview for Db2 for Z/OS (IDB2)


The 'Help Panel' for this field states the following: 

Description:  The number of columns for which a DB2 internal 
procedure related to SELECT(SPROC) is bypassed because it was
The SELECT Procedure was invalidated because DB2 maintenance 
has been applied and the current SELECT procedure is down-   


This field means there are Db2 applications that need to have their plans/packages rebound.  IFCID 224 has pertinent information concerning the plans/packages that need to be rebound.  Please review the following IDB2 (Sysview for Db2) for more information on IFCID 224 along with the pertinent IDB2 batch reports.