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How do you decrease or increase the sizes of the ENF database files ENF0700 and IXX0700?


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Datacom COMMON SERVICES FOR Z/OS Common Services Datacom/AD


You currently have a fully functional ENF/Datacom environment and after monitoring utilization reports have decided to resize the database files. How can the ENF0700 and IXX0700 files be resized without having to redo the currently defined Datacom environment?


Common Services-for z/OS 14.1 or 15.0
Component: CAIENF


Insufficient sizing of initially built database


Using job AW1ID001 provided in the CA Common Services CAW0JCL data set, customize and execute only Phase 3 - Define ENF Datacom DB Datasets and Initialize

There are a couple of important notes when using this quick method:

  • Shutdown any CA applications dependant upon ENF to record and recover events
  • Shutdown the ENFIMUF if using the internal MUF
  • The ENF0700 and IXX0700 data sets must retain the same names as when this environment was first defined.

Follow these steps:

  • Stop ENF
  • Start an external MUF in it's own address space, job AD14STRT or AD15STRT in the Datacom INSTJCL PDS.
  • Run Phase 3 of job AW1ID001
  • Stop the AD14STRT or AD15STRT MUF
  • Start ENF

Additional Information

While generally not necessary, if you want to reload recorded events into the newly allocated database, refer to previously published Technical Document Id: 50629 for details.

See DocOps section Customize CA Datacom/AD for CAIENF