Abend 13E000 When Exiting Top Secret Administrative Panels
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Abend 13E000 When Exiting Top Secret Administrative Panels


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Top Secret


Abend 13E000 hex processing command occurs when users exit the Top Secret administrative panels. This is happening in TSO ISPF after upgrading to z/OS 2.4.


Release : 16.0

Component : CA Top Secret for z/OS


IBM APAR OA58617 resolves a problem where an ABEND13E may occur in ISPF version 2.4 that did not occur in previous releases. If a command1 is attached by ISPF and that command attaches command2, then a 13E may occur if command1 ends without doing a clean end of command2. This did not cause problems in previous releases of ISPF. ISPF now does the ATTACH with TERM=YES which causes the 13E to be captured by our ESTAI. This results in MSGISPD210.

CMD abended
'COMMAND1' terminated abnormally.
TERM=NO was done in prior releases and the ATTACH ESTAI routine did not get control for a 13E abend.