Process not starting when document is moved


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Process is not starting when a document is moved to a different folder.


1. Create a new process.
Administration => Data Administration => Processes => New

2. Select "thisDocument", in the Objects tab, so the process is associated to the Document.

3. Select the option "Auto-start", start event "Create and Update".

4. Set an option to start the process when the Document Folder is changed
Start Condition for Update ( Document Folder ID != Document Folder ID [Previous Value] )

5. On a project, Go to Collaboration => Documents.

6. Create some folders.
Actions => New Folder.

6. Add one document to one of the folders.
Actions => Add Documents.

7. The process with be triggered, as it is triggering when a document is created or updated.

8. Move the document to a different folder.
Select the Document => Actions => Move => Select the folder => Move.

9. The document is moved to the new folder.

Expected Results: An instance of the process is triggered, as the document folder ID is changing.
Actual Results: No instance(s) of the processes are triggered when the document is moved to a different folder.



This is caused by Defect ID DE59910


Clarity PPM 15.x


The Defect DE59910 is currently under review.