Project Staff View: Some periods not displayed (500 limit)


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When setting Start Period and End Periods, only 500 periods are retrieved. The latest 2021 periods are missing.

This happens in the pull-down lookup for configuring the Per-Period Metric Start and End periods as well as the per-period columns rendered. 
From the pull-down, the user expects to select any fiscal time period, active or inactive from the Default Entity. 

The user expects to see the periods in grid columns for the duration of a project's start and finish date. 

1. Administration > Finance > Setup > Organizational Structure > Entities
2. Go to the Default Entity > Fiscal time periods tab
3. Create Weekly Time Periods starting on January 2012 till December 2021
   This makes at about 520 periods (52 periods x 10 years)
4. Go to the Modern UX
5. Create a project with Start date 01/01/2020 and Finish 31/12/2021
6. Go to the Staff tab 
7. Add a Team member
8. View Options:
   Add ETC as Per-Period Metrics
   As Periods set Weeks
   Set Project Start as Start Period and Project Finish as End Period

Expected Results: Weekly periods to be displayed on the Grid for the length of the project
Actual Results: Latest periods of 2021 are not displayed as there is a limit of 500 periods being retrieved
Ideally should only allow us to select the periods that fall between the project start and finish dates 


This is caused by DE59903


This is currently being analyzed by Engineering

Additional Information

On Step8 when setting Start Period and End Periods, 500 periods are retrieved. Latest 2021 periods are missing.
The Period list shows all fiscal time periods, active or inactive with the mentioned limit of 500