Why is NETSPY product 'grayed out' on the NetMaster 12.1 INSTALL Utility Primary Menu?
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Why is NETSPY product 'grayed out' on the NetMaster 12.1 INSTALL Utility Primary Menu?


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When installing NetMaster r12.1, you see the following in the Install Utility Primary Menu with the NetSpy Region Setup 'grayed out':



NetSpy is no longer part of the NetMaster product family as documented in the NetMaster r12.1 Release Notes documentation, Chapter 2, Changes to Existing Features:

Product Removed From Family
The following product is not included in this release: CA NetSpy, which remains at r12.
Important! When you upgrade to CA Mainframe Network Management Release 12.1 and you use CA NetSpy r12, do not delete the <hlq>.NMC0.CC2DLOAD data set. CA NetSpy requires the data set for health checks."

This means that the NetSpy product is now packaged separately and updated independently of the NetMaster products beginning with NetMaster 12.1. You can still download and install NetSpy 12.0 separately and use it with NetMaster r12.1 just as you did with NetMaster r12.0, but please remember to retain the <hlq>.NMC0.CC2DLOAD data set for use by NetSpy as the Release Notes documentation mentions.



Release: SLOPFC00200-12.1-NetMaster-File Transfer Management



If you would like to install Netspy, please download and install NetSpy 12.0.