Tasks and Gantt of Sub-projects showing Status of Not Started and 90% Complete
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Tasks and Gantt of Sub-projects showing Status of Not Started and 90% Complete


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The Status and % Complete of the Subproject Proxy tasks in the parent project are not always in sync with the Progress and % Complete on the actual subproject. Using the Manual option for % Complete Calculation Method allows the user to have combinations of % Complete and Progress on the Sub-project that would not otherwise be valid based on the relational rules of a regular task.  This can cause the Proxy Task's Status to be out of sync with what is really on the Sub Project's Progress.


  1. Create a Master Project (it does not matter what the % Complete Calculation Method is set for the master) 
  2. Create a Sub Project and set the % Complete Calculation Method to Manual and associate to the Master Project 
  3. On the Master Project, take note of the Proxy Task for the Sub Project = Not Started / 0% 
  4. Manually update only the Sub Project's % Complete = 45% 
  5. Go back to the Master Project's Task list and look at the Proxy Task 
    • Expected Results:  % Complete = 45%, Progress = Not Started.  
    • Actual Results: % Complete = 45%, Progress = Started. 
    • The Progress changed because the proxy task is using the regular task relational rules for the two fields. 
  6. Manually update the Sub Project's Progress = Completed 
    •  Expected Results:  % Complete = 45%, Progress = Completed.  
    •  Actual Results: % Complete = 45%, Progress = Started. 
    •  The Progress field did not change when the user changed the progress on the Sub Project. 


Release : 15.9, 15.9.1



This is caused by: DE59681


From Clarity 15.9.2 and later versions, if a task is a proxy task we have implemented a change in the business rules logic:

  • Ignore the rules for the relationship between the Task Status and Task % Complete fields 
  • Keep the logic to set the Proxy Task % Complete field = the subproject's % Complete field  
  • Add the logic to set the Proxy Task Status field =  the sub-project's Progress field 
  • The subproject's % Complete and Progress fields can be updated manually if the % Complete Calculation Method = Manual 
    • This is a use case where the sub-project's progress can get out of sync with the parent
  • We would want this manual update on the sub-project's Progress to update the parent's proxy task Status field
  • The % Complete value automatically updates the parent's proxy task % Complete field 
  • Or the subproject's % Complete field can be updated through the 'Update % Complete' job if the Calculation Method = Effort or Duration


The solution is that the proxy tasks status column will ALWAYS reflect the progress field of the corresponding sub-project. The progress DOES NOT stay in sync with the % Complete entered on the sub-project, i.e., if the % Complete is set to 0 the progress DOES NOT change to Not Started. The progress can be set independently of the % Complete, which gets the Clarity business rules around sub-project proxy tasks aligned with the business rules OWB/XOG/MSP use.