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Unable to align text type attributes in the Flyout when changing configuration (DE59895)


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Unable to resize the Task Name field (or other text fields) in flyouts to be a single row. The box keeps moving or sticks to large text space and will not allow return to the original two field layout


  1. Login to Clarity and navigate to Administration->Objects
  2. Create subobject of Idea
  3. Once subobject is created add new attribute Text type with 2000 maximum characters (500 was also tested)
  4. Navigate to Modern UX and add subobject module to the Blueprint for Ideas
  5. Navigate to Ideas in the Modern UX and either create or open an existing Idea
  6. Click on the subobject module and create new instance
  7. Click on configure and attempt to add Text attribute you created and try to align in the way that you have 2 columns side by side.
  8. Notice Text field attribute is not aligned and goes back to previous size.

Expected Results: Should be able to configure the size and layout of Text attributes

Actual Results: You are not able to configure the size and layout of Text attributes


This also happens on other objects, such as OOTB Task etc. It is not limited to subobjects. For some objects, it is not possible to decrease the size of the box anymore to a single line box. 


This was reviewed as DE59895 and determined to be not a bug (NAB)


Release : 15.8.1,15.9,15.9.1



Current design is the following:

String attributes of size > 80 and  Text attributes (clobs) are considered large strings and the minimum width of 2 (columns) and height of 3 (lines) is configured. 

This is addressed as a design change (DE60078) in 15.9.2

Workaround: N/A