REINIT not picking up printer changes


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CA Spool


Made changes to 4 queues including the TCPHOST keyword value. Issued the REINIT command from both CA Spool panel and SDSF and the changes were not picked up. No errors from REINIT.   Had to recycle the CA Spool started task to pickup change.    


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool



Depending on what parameters you are changing you need to set this XEQOPT=24 in the ESFPARM:

24 -- Perform REINIT of printer node parameters modifiable on the Menu system: CLASS, FCB, FORM, NJEDEST, SEP, TCPDRIV, TCPHOST, TRANS, and TRANSFRM, even if no other NODE parameter is also updated.

The CA Spool started task has to be recycled to implement the XEQOPT=24 option. After the first recycling the REINIT command should update the values of the keywords above.

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