Rally - Can I delete a field value if it is being used by an artifact in the Recycle Bin or a closed project?


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We have an effort where we are moving to new Preliminary Estimate values.  We started this effort without knowing that you are unable to delete Preliminary Estimate dropdown values if a Portfolio Item has that value selected.  We also then learned that if a Portfolio Item is in the recycling bin or in a closed project and has that value, it will also not allow it to be deleted from the dropdown.  So that is why we are working on the above question.  If you know of any other workaround for the Preliminary Estimate behavior, please let me know.


Release : SAAS



If a field value that is being deleted is in the Recycle Bin, it will need to be recovered and changed to a different value.

If a field value that is being deleted is in a closed project, the project will need to be reopened for the artifact field value to be changed.

It is possible to tell which artifacts have that value by selecting the "occurrences" link when editing the field.


A sortable table will pop up with the information about the artifacts