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Request Failed


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CA Identity Portal


Randomly when registering a new user in Identity Portal the admin user receives a blank "Request Failed" window, when hitting close on the Request failed window the user is returned to the form with all their entered values still present making them believe the task did not submit. Problem is a user does get created with the first submission and when the admin clicks submit a second time there is a second account created for the same person. Admin users are getting confused and end up having to cleanup duplicate accounts.



Release : 14.2

Component : SIGMA-Identity Suite


2021-01-21 15:47:02,579 DEBUG [] (default I/O-5) Error reading request: Broken pipe
 at Method) [rt.jar:1.8.0_212]

   And plenty of these errors:

2021-01-23 02:18:27,926 DEBUG [] (default I/O-7) UT005014: Failed to parse HTTP request: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: UT000072: Failed to decode url 666% to charset UTF-8
 at io.undertow.util.URLUtils.decode(


The broken pipe error is a problem between the app server and the database, you will have to check with your networking team.

The Unicode errors have to be where the user entering the create user information is doing a copy and paste of data. You will have to inform the end-users that they should not do this and you will no longer have Unicode errors.