Can the DX NetOps Performance Management login logo and text be customized?


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We need to configure our company Logo and Banner text on the DX NetOps Performance Management Performance Center login screen.

Is that possible?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


At this time there is no supported method to customize the logo, or the text, presented on the Performance Center Log In screen.

To do so would require either:

  • An Enhancement Request to add this feature to the tool. These are submitted via the Ideation page on the Broadcom Community site.
    • Note: Once submitted these can be followed up on via your Account Management team.
  • Customization (if possible) via Services. To find out more about this please engage your Account Management team

There is the ability to customize some aspects of the Performance Center web UI. Customizing the look of the PC web UI is known as customizing the Theme. It's documented here.

Customize A Theme

It shows support for customizing the UI per the documentation:

"NOTE: You can change the user interface coloring, icon coloring, or the PDF font and coloring while creating a theme."

You can also, documented on the same page, apply a unique logo to the PDF files generated via Reports in PC that are exported or emailed.