How to display USS directory in CA Change Manager Enterprise Workbench (CMEW)


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CA Endevor Software Change Manager - Enterprise Workbench (SCM)


Use IBM NFS to mount the USS directory, then mapped USS directory into the network drive to a local PC,  Windows Explorer can display the mapped network drive, however, when click  FILE DIRECTORY TAB under CMEW, the mapped network drive shows as disconnected.  How to access USS directory under CMEW ? 



Release : 18.1

Component : CA CM Enterprise Workbench R12


Under search window, there are 3 tabs - 

DSN - To display Mainframe dataset

HFS - To display USS directory (USS path on the same Lpar where Endevor STC is running)

Directory - To display local and network path (mapped drive)


Use HFS tab, this is the recommended method to access USS directory under CMEW. 

If sharing service is running on Mainframe USS,  USS path can also be mapped to network drive. In this case you can also use Directory tab to access USS path under CMEW.  Sometimes mapped network drive shows as disconnected, double click the network drive will grant user the access.