Is MD5 checksum HASH Available for Virtual Appliance?
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Is MD5 checksum HASH Available for Virtual Appliance?


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I don't see a page to get an MD5 Hash value, that I can use to validate a clean download.  Can\Does Virtual Appliance use md5 checksum?



Release : 14.3



Each Cumulative Patch is provided in an encrypted compressed tarball format (tar.gz). The utility (patch_vapp) that is available on the Virtual Appliance, will automatically apply the patch when run.
To apply a Cumulative Patch, follow these steps:
Copy the Cumulative Patch into the Virtual Appliance using SCP software. SCP is available by default on most Mac/Linux systems. You can download WinSCP for Windows platform.
For example, the command to copy the patch from a Mac/Linux system into the Virtual Appliance is:
scp CP_VA_140300_0001.tar.gpg config@###.#.##.##.
SSH into the Virtual Appliance.
For example:
ssh config@###.#.##.##
Generate the MD5 checksum for the Cumulative Patch and compare with the checksum documented in the Cumulative Patch tables for each component in the following sections.
md5sum <Cumulative Patch>
For example:
md5sum CP_VA_140300_0001.tar.gpg
Apply the Cumulative Patch.
patch_vapp <Cumulative Patch>
For example:
patch_vapp CP_VA_140300_0001.tar.gpg
(Optional - Rollback): If there is a need to rollback a Cumulative Patch or a Service Pack after it has been applied, log in via SSH/CLI into the Virtual Appliance as shown in Step 2 and run
If the external database in use is Oracle, ensure that you reboot the machine after the patch is applied successfully.

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