Centralized Agent Update (CAU )Unix Package deletes Servicemanager executable


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


After deploying a more recent unix/Linux Agent Service Pack via CAU the Servicemanager executables ( ucybsmgr ucybsmcl) are deleted. 

This is even more weird that the CAU reports indicates that these componenets will be updated.


20210225/105127.816 - U02000274 File '/uc4/RO1232/Agents/muntest000594_RO1232_LX6_02_SYS/bin/ucybsmcl' will be updated.

20210225/105127.816 - U02000274 File '/uc4/RO1232/Agents/muntest000594_RO1232_LX6_02_SYS/bin/ucybsmgr' will be updated.



The root cause is that the Service Manager implementation is customized. The user chose to keep an active Service Manager in the Agent installation folder.

The two ls commands were executed before and after the CAU. After the CAU both service manager binaries were deleted.


Any AE Release that supports the CAU mechanism.


CAU is working as designed. 

To be able to upgrade the Service Manager it must be installed in its own directory.

Technical Reason why this doesnot work when the Service Manager is installed in the same folder of the Agent:

To be able to update an Agent, CAU must first stopp and then restart the targeted agent.

Therefore one of the first CAU steps consists in deploying a minimal Service Manager locally in the bin folder of the Agent.

The agent is then stopped, updated and restart.

CAU ends the upgrade with removing this minimal Service Manager.



Additional Information

To ensure that CAU does not remove the Service Manager of this environment and that it will be correctly updated as expected, it must be installed in folder of its own.