VNA Viptela Plugin not showing data for "Last Hour" time frame reports
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VNA Viptela Plugin not showing data for "Last Hour" time frame reports


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CA Virtual Network Assurance DX NetOps


Viptela Plugin integration. Reports with "Last Hour" time frame always shows no data.  While for "Last 4 Hours" time frame there are data.

According to the VNA Viptela documentation, the VNA Viptela plugin time zone value must correlate to the time zone of the vManage.

The time zone of the system, which must match the vManage time zone.

Set this parameter correctly to prevent the following issues:
Incorrect timestamps might appear on performance data.
Performance data might be missing.
Alarms and events might not be collected.

If for example the vManage host has timezone set to GMT+3, we may set VNA Viptela Plugin config to GMT+3.

However this does not help for the Last Hour reports - it seems this time zone format is not accepted.  



All supported DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance releases



The time zone format like GMT+3 is being rejected by the current Viptela Plugin logic.

Check the oc.log for these messages:

2021-02-16 10:50:00,719 ERROR (EE-ManagedThreadFactory-default-Thread-6285) Viptela_440b9f83-b2e5-427a-b7af-7c8f1387b753=Performance Poll [OC_SCRIPTING] Logger$error$6 -1  Illegal time zone specified: GMT+3

The problem is in how the Viptela Plugin java API is consuming the time zone entry. As per this document:

For example, TimeZone.getTimeZone("GMT-8").getID() returns "GMT-08:00".

The input GMT+3 is an abbreviation that is compared against the "id" and does not match with standard GMT-08:00

Using an official format like GMT+03:00 instead of an alias or abbreviation will work.


In the Viptela plugin config, for the ""TIMEZONE": "xxx"," setting, use the official format - e.g. "GMT+03:00", instead of any alias (like GMT+3) or time zone full name.

For example:

"PROTOCOL": "https",
    "SLA_CLASS_DELTA_TIME": "86400",
    "SLA_CLASS_POLL_RATE": "0 0 0",
    "TIMEZONE": "GMT+03:00",
    "VMANAGE_IP": "",
    "VMANAGE_PASSWORD": "****",
    "VMANAGE_PORT": "443",
    "VMANAGE_USER_NAME": "your_user"

Additional Information

This is currently being reviewed to enhance the Viptela plugin logic to accept all valid java time zone values including alias.