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Spectrum 20.2.7 (10.4.3) distributed install on Linux using sudo fails with "Insufficient privileges" error.


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CA Spectrum


The Spectrum 20.2.7 (10.4.3) distributed install on Linux using sudo fails with the following error:

./sdiclinux.exe -h hosts.txt -p passwd.txt -test -test
DX NetOps Spectrum Distributed Install Client
spectrum: Creating installation log: LOGS_20210203/spectrum.03.05
spectrum: Starting Test
spectrum: SPC-INT-20074: Insufficient privileges on spectrum.
spectrum: Spectrum Installation requires either ROOT access, SUDO privileges or Administrator privileges.  Please see the Spectrum Installation Guide (Document number 5136) for more information regarding SUDO.
spectrum: Test complete
All tests complete


This is due to 64 bit changes on SRAdmin and fget system API unable to process the empty lines in the sudoers file.


Release : 10.4.3

Component : Spectrum Core / SpectroSERVER


Remove all empty lines in the sudoers file.

The following command can be used to remove all empty blank lines from the sudoers file:

sed -i '/^$/d' <sudoers file name>


Additional Information

This has been resolved in version 21.2.1 as per DE492836

If upgrading to 21.2.1 please remove previous versions of SrAdmin if this problem is seen and retry.