How to keep the SMPMCS file from getting deleted using Chorus software Manager(CSM)


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CA Chorus Software Manager


When installing a product using CA Chorus Software manager(CSM), the product's SMPMCS dataset gets deleted.  Is there a way to prevent CSM from deleting this SMPMCS file? 


Release : 6.0

Component : Chorus Software Manager


To preserve the SMPMCS file from being deleted by CSM when installing a product you can go under User Settings , Software installation, and set GIMUNZIP Temporary Prefix to some unique HLQ then do the install. While the receive is running go into TSO 3.4 and list all the datasets with this HLQ and look for SMPMCS and 'B'rowse it. This will prevent CSM from deleting it. The install will still be successful, and you will have the .SMPMCS file retained.