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UIM CABI Scheduled Jobs - edit and delete icons do not work


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


After scheduling jobs in CABI for UIM 20.3, the edit and delete icons display, but they don't work.  They are superimposed over the Enabled checkbox:


Release : UIM 20.3 or higher

Component : UIM - CABI


- The css file used needs to be updated.


To fix the problem with the edit and delete buttons not working, take the following steps:

  • Download the attached "overrides_custom.css" file
  • Login to CABI server using superuser credentials.
  • Click View->Repository
  • Go to "themes" and right click on "ca_theme" and then select "Download the theme". Keep this downloaded theme for future reference.
  • Now, click on ca_theme and you will see 3 files on the right side. Click on "Overrides_custom.css" and select Edit:

  • In the next window, browse for the downloaded overrides_custom.css file(in the first step) and click on Submit.

After these steps are followed, the schedules list should look and function normally:


Note: If you do not see the themes here it is likely that you are logged in as "administrator" instead of "superuser".  Please ensure you log in directly to CABI with the "superuser" account to see the ca_theme correctly.

Additional Information

After downloading the file rename it from 1614191909445__overrides_custom.css to overrides_custom.css.


1614191909445__overrides_custom.css get_app