UIM CABI Scheduled Jobs - edit and delete icons do not work


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After scheduling jobs in CABI for UIM 20.3, the edit and delete icons display, but they don't work.  They are superimposed over the Enabled checkbox:


- The css file used needs to be updated.


Release : UIM 20.3 or higher

Component : UIM - CABI


To fix the problem with the edit and delete buttons not working, take the following steps:

  • Download the attached "overrides_custom.css" file
  • Login to CABI server using superuser credentials.
  • Click View->Repository
  • Go to "themes" and right click on "ca_theme" and then select "Download the theme". Keep this downloaded theme for future reference.
  • Now, click on ca_theme and you will see 3 files on the right side. Click on "Overrides_custom.css" and select Edit:

  • In the next window, browse for the downloaded overrides_custom.css file(in the first step) and click on Submit.

After these steps are followed, the schedules list should look and function normally:


Note: depending on your CABI installation, the files may not be under ca_theme as above.  Instead, you can find them under Unified Infrastructure Management->Themes->default

Additional Information

After downloading the file rename it from 1614191909445__overrides_custom.css to overrides_custom.css.


1614191909445__overrides_custom.css get_app