Collect Google Chrome browser "Inspect" data for support


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You are asked by support to recreate the issue and gather "Inspect" data from your browser for support to analyze. 


SEP Mobile and SEP cloud portals use API calls to complete task. When troubleshooting it is required to know exactly what API calls and task are failing in order to have a complete understanding of the issue and drive faster resolution of your case. 


Step 1: In Google Chrome, Navigate to Just before you select the link, or perform the task that is failing. 

Step 2: Right click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect"

Step 3: go to the "Console" tab

Step 4: Select the "Clear Console" button

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the "Network" tab

Step 6: Click the link, or perform the task to reproduce the issue. 

Step 7: In the Console tab, Select all events or errors and right click and select "Save as"

Step 8: Save the ".log" file to your computer. 

Step 9: On the "Network" tab select all the items, then right click and select "Save all as HAR content"

Step 10: Save ".HAR" file to the computer

Step 11: Collect .log and .har files to a zip folder and provide them to your support representative.