Remove duplicated RA_Banner agent entry
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Remove duplicated RA_Banner agent entry


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CA Automic Applications Manager (AM)


Post upgrade from RA_Banner 3.x to 4.x , there are two RA Banner Agent 4.x entries in the Rapid Automation Load Window with ID's 1 and 2. We are unable to stop the agent and trying to  remove the extra entry gives a message  " Agent must be deleted ".  How can we remove extra RA agent under RA Load Component? 


Release : 9.3


RA_Banner agent 4.x


Problem was due to use of invalid agent ID during the upgrade. The original RA_Banner agent on the system existed with the ID 1. During upgrade, since no ID was specified, it picked up default ID of 2 and added new agent entry.


The only way to remove the unwanted entry from the front Rapid Automation tool is to delete the agent. The first step would be to check if the jobs are referencing the correct agent ID.

  • Open up sqlplus or the DB browser
  • Review the so_operators table that holds the information for all defined agents
  • In the 2nd to last column, is the SO_CIT_ID column
  • Look at the Banner Agent and go to this column for that Agent. It should have a value of 1 or 2. Assuming the 2 duplicate agent has an ID of 1 or 2, the value here should reference one of the Banner IDs in the RA Loader window.
  • Banner Jobs are in the so_job_table. Check this table for Banner jobs and ensure the last column SO_CIT_ID referenced the correct Banner agent ID.

Once all jobs reference the correct agent ID, the only way to delete the unwanted agent entry in the Rapid Automation Loader window, is to delete it from the backend.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Take a complete backup of the database schema / table
  • Delete the unwanted agent from the backend database by running the query : delete from cit_solutions where ID='#'; (Where # is the ID of the invalid agent entry)

Steps to  upgrade the agent without causing unwanted additional entries in the RA Loader Window:

On this system, the problem occurred when  Banner agent with ID 1 was upgraded without specifying ID 1 during upgrade and since Banner agent uses ID 2 as default, it thought no existing agent and put another one with ID 2.

The correct upgrade steps would be :

1. Download Banner Agent 4.0

2. Open RA Loader

3. Hit Browse button and locate and select the Banner Agent Jar file that is created when unzipping the Banner Agent 4.0 install media.

4. Once it is selected, the Browsing Window will close and and the Main RA Loader Window will return. At this point the ID value should show ID 1. If it does not, manually enter in a value of 1 and then hit the Apply button.

The agent is upgraded successfully without causing unwanted additional agent entry in the RA Loader Window.