Client Automation - SD JobCheck Dialog on Top of all Windows
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Client Automation - SD JobCheck Dialog on Top of all Windows


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SD Jobcheck Dialog box is not displayed on top of all windows.
If some applications is in full screen, SD Jobcheck dialog is not visible.
How to disaplay SD Jobcheck Dialog box on top of all Windows ?


Client Automation 14.0 SP3



Open a case to CA Broadcom Technical Support and ask for the fix T55L107 (Fix for SD Agent 14.0 SP3)

Once applied execute this on the Agent :

ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/agent -pn JobCheckDialogOnTop -v 1

To disable this execute :

ccnfcmda -cmd SetParameterValue -ps itrm/usd/agent -pn JobCheckDialogOnTop -v 0


Example :

With Fix T55L107 installed and with itrm/usd/agent/JobCheckDialogOnTop=1, SD JobCheck appears on top of Windows TaskBar


Without Fix T55L107 installed or with itrm/usd/agent/JobCheckDialogOnTop=0, SD JobCheck appears below of Windows TaskBar


Additional Information

The fix T55L107 is included in 14.5
It is possible to add the parameter JobCheckDialogOnTop in Default Computer Policy (in order to manage its value using configuration policy) by using this method :
1- On Enterprise (or Domain if there is no enterprise server), create a file JobCheckDialogOnTop.xml in a temp directory containing these lines :
    <paramsection name="itrm">
      <paramsection name="usd">
        <paramsection name="agent">
          <parameter name="JobCheckDialogOnTop" value="0">
            <attribute name="dis_en">JobCheck Dialog On Top</attribute>
            <parameterinfo name="pi_usd_JobCheckDialogOnTop">
              <attribute name="type">bool</attribute>
              <attribute name="desc">Display JobCheck Dialog On Top</attribute>
2- Open a cmd with Administrative privileges and execute this command :
cd /D c:\temp
ccnfregdb -mlocalhost -fJobCheckDialogOnTop.xml -e
3- Parameter JobCheckDialogOnTop appears in Default Computer Policy under DSM/Software Delivery/Agent with default value set to False
4- Update configuration policy applied on the computer in order to set DSM/Software Delivery/Agent/JobCheckDialogOnTop = True