IDMS: Considerations for new database record as set owner
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IDMS: Considerations for new database record as set owner


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This document describes some considerations that need to be undertaken if adding a new record and set to a database that is to be the OWNER of an existing record.


Release : All supported releases
Component : IDMS


When adding a new record to a database that is to become the owner of an existing record, the new set must be initially defined as OPTIONAL MANUAL, even if the ultimate plan is to have the set defined as MANDATORY AUTOMATIC.

The reason for this is, at the time the new set and record are added (and a RESTRUCTURE is run to add the new pointers to the existing member record), every occurrence of that member record is not a member of any occurrence of the new set.

At that point, the set may be left as is as an OM set.

If the plan is to make the set MA, a user program must be written to load the new owner records and CONNECT every occurrence of the member record to an appropriate owner occurrence.

At that point the set can be changed to MA.

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