AXA - PGServer.log filling the disk space


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The postgres service is down and it turns out to be a disk space issue as the disk usage is 100% for the /axa/product/ mount point. How can we resolve this issue?


Any release


In order to resolve this problem please follow below steps:

1.- Stop all AXA services 
2.- Reduce the content of Pgserver.log if you are interested in keeping some logging, otherwise (if not needed) remove the pgserver.log file and it will be recreated the next time the postgres service is started.
3.- Update postgresql.conf file (should be located at .../aoPlatform/pgsql/data/ directory) to rotate the log to prevent having a unique log with a huge size, eg:
log_rotation_age = 1d      # Automatic rotation of logfiles will happen after that time.
log_rotation_size = 10MB   # Automatic rotation of logfiles will happen after that much log output.
4.- Start the AXA services 

This should address this problem, it the problem persists please contact Broadcom Support.