Available LDAP usage statistics
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Available LDAP usage statistics


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There is a need to identify how much work is being processed by LDAP tasks.


Component : CA LDAP Server for z/OS


There are 2  approaches to exposing LDAP activity - both involve a quick search of the  STDERR file.

1)   startup LDAP Server with debug:

s ldapsrvr,debug=any    

where ldapsrvr is the logonid/userid of the LDAP Server task.  After CA LDAP Server has been up for a while, browse the stderr file os browsed and first do a find for 'slapd starting'. Next do a find for 'slap_listener_activate' or 'new connection on', if there are no hits then the CA LDAP Server is not processing any LDAP calls and it is not being used.

2) Another approach: F ldapsrvr,set,debug,stats

This will cause LDAP to log ( in stderr ) one line of output for every add, delete, or modify that is executed by LDAP.  A You can then search the log for "Trans total" to see how long the operation took. If  there is no trans total, then there were no operations, the task was not used.

For example, stderr contains the following after running LDAPTEST script:

caacf2_back_utf_search: Trans total (0.029), R_Admin(0.027)
caacf2_back_utf_search: Trans total (0.154), R_Admin(0.020)