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BV Update Main Task and then update Specific Task throws UVC error


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


In UVC, update a Business vIew, then update a Main Task containing a Specific Task, then click update in the Specific Task and modify something.

When you click on Save UVC will throw a popup error message:

The task will not be added to the BV/JC canvas because it is an optional task or provoked task on a non-header uproc

Nevertheless, the modification will be saved correctly.


Release : 6.x


Component: Univiewer Console



Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available.

Fix version(s): 
Component: Univiewer.Console
Dollar Universe 6.10.71 - Scheduled 19th May 2021

Workaround 1:

Even though the error appears, the specific task is updated, so ignore the error.

Workaround 2:

Edit the Specific Task directly from the Business View instead of updating the Main Task and then updating the Specific Task.

Additional Information

This unwanted message was more an information than an error itself.
It has been transformed as log message in the Univiewer Console log file instead.