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Roadmap filter on custom field in Timeline view


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Can I filter on a roadmap to search a custom attribute and only show records in the timeline view that contain that work?


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This functionality is not available. Below are a couple suggestions to workaround the design.

  1. Create a new roadmap and set it up with the roadmap items you want to see in the timeline.

             (When adding new roadmap items to the new roadmap, you are able to filter for the criteria of projects you want to include.)

    1. Create the new roadmap
    2. Click the Item Actions icon and select Import from PPM
    3. Select Project
    4. Click the Filter icon on the right hand side
    5. Click Add Filter
    6. Select the applicable attribute from the search drop down
    7. Type in your search criteria in the attribute listed in the Filter section
    8. Select the applicable projects and click Add
  1. Select the attribute as your Swimlanes, then the timeline will be grouped by Swimlane value
    1. From the Roadmap Timeline, select View Options
    2. Select the SWIMLANES drop down
    3. Select the attribute from the ALL ROADMAPS section

Additional Information

To submit an enhancement request requesting this functionality, see Enhancement Requests for Clarity.