Multiple approvers allowed to approve against the Quorum size


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM)


Users from One of the package approver group (ASCHTEC) was able to approve the package against the Quorum size . Though the quorum says '1', any number of people from the same approver group are allowed to approve the package, which is what happened here with this package. 

Though the second approval job failed with a return code of 12. The 'APPROVER GROUP DISPLAY' panel shows that the package is approved by both. (See picture attached below)

Approver Job submitted by 'WPCKV' @ 14:08 || Return Code 00
.=== Add new Install record from CA Endevor Package PNNF1WT0000248
.INSTALL record inserted successfully:

Approver Job submitted by 'WPCMICH' @ 14:10 || Return Code 12
Job ---> CJNNF148 Jobid ---> JOB22427
.=== Add new Install record from CA Endevor Package PNNF1WT0000248 on
.*** INSTALL record already exists


Can this potentially be a product enhancement?


Release : 18.0

Component : CA Endevor Software Change Manager


As I said in a previous email - The panel you are referring to is correct - the package is Approved.  The package Status COMMITTED. Once a package is cast, approved, executed and committed you cannot do anything with this package.  

Look at CONRPT72 


This shows that Package PNNF1ST0000248 was: 

Cast on 4/23/2020 by User IXAUSTR 

Approved on 4/23/2020 

Execute on 4/23/2020 

Then look at the APPROVER SECTION: 

This is showing that the package is approved
Grou ASCHTEC Quorum 1 - approved by WPCKV and WPCMICH

Group EN$RM Quorum 1 - approved by DLDMIC 

Gropu PCMNNF12 Quorum 1 - Approved by IXROSEA 

All of these happen on 4/23/2020 as well as the execution and committing of the package. The package should show that it is approved.