System performance issues - Autosys agents consuming large memory of the system.


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Our Unix team noticed that our Autosys agents are consuming large memory of the system, and it is impacting the system performance.
What they’ve seen is the Servers run low on memory. At that time they see the Autosys agent, cybAgent.bin, is the largest consumer.
After we bounce the agent the RSS size is ~350M but when we have the problem we see them using ~5G.
Since there are 7 agents (one in each zone and the LDOM itself) they start out consuming ~2.4G up to ~35G.
This issue is causing slowness of our systems.


Release : 11.4

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Confirm if the machine and the agents installed on it subjected to penetration tests.
There have been reports of the agent consuming a high amount of memory as a result of those.
If the admins can avoid / disable them then the memory usage should remain more stable.
Or you can make adjustments to the agentparm.txt file setting a limit on the max memory an agent can consume.
For example