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DX Operational Intelligence



After installing DX DOI 20.2.1 on k8s, everything looks good in the logs. When trying to do the 1st login on masteradmin tenant to create a user tenant, it authenticates successfully but it then logs out immediately.




During login a CA_CLOUD_MANAGEMENT cookie is created, where this cookie is missing, the login will fail. is also created in browser local storage but removed (along with the cookie) where the login fails.


In this scenario, the issue relates to the domain configured for the product. The design was to take the last two segments of the FQDN to set as the domain for cookies. However in some cases this this results with a top-level domain or restricted domain, for example net.xx or gov.xx

This is not deemed a valid domain name so the cookies are not created


Release : 20.2

Component : CA DOI Foundations



The Javascript code will be adapted in future releases to take as many segments of the hostname are necessary to make a valid domain.

An alternative would be to map the host name on another host name which has only one segment in the top domain name. Then it would be possible to access DX Manager with this new mapped host name

Additional Information


Information on restricted domains where the problem may appear if the hostname is shortened to two segments