Detection server not able to connect to Enforce after reboot


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You are unable to connect a detection server with Enforce server after rebooting it. You've already tried:

  • Restarting the DetectionServerController service on the Enforce server
  • Restarting the Detection server service on the detection server to no avail.


In this instance there was as software corruption after Windows patching was applied.

The boxmonitor_operational_0.log on the affected detection server showed that sub-services (Filereader/Aggregator etc) do not start and no message such as the one below is seen:

  Detection Server status changed from STARTING to ALL_RUNNING


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In this instance the detection server was reinstalled.

  1. Remove the detection server from the Enforce console
  2. Use Add/Remove programs on the detection server to uninstall it
  3. Reinstall detection server from source MSI
  4. Re-add the detection server to the Enforce console.