Maileater did not attach the files correctly


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Finding that on rare occasions, the maileater does not include its attachments on a case that it is creating.  


The suspicion is that directory creation on the attachment drive disrupted the maileater attachment attempt.  It is a rare situation that may occur if attachments are being placed on a mapped drive and a disruption in connection takes place.


Release : 17.2



What usually happens with attachments is that the rep_daemon checks the attachment folder location to see how many files are present.  If the file count exceeds the maximum number of files that can be stored in the given rep_folder_XXXX location, a new folder will then be created.

One can examine the maileater logs for the given ticket that was created, ie archived logs contained in "" to match activity from the repository daemon to the maileater's activity when creating a ticket.

In viewing the stdlog, a directory creation action will show as:

stdlog.4:01/01 16:01:29.89 SDM-SERVER    rep_daemon           5004 SIGNIFICANT  AttmntMng.c           2051 GetLastSubFolder() - New directory S:/ServiceDesk/files/rep_folder_00861 was created.

This was the only attachment related message found in the logs during the timeframe the maileater functionality was running, thus casting suspicion of a performance issue taking place with attachment drive.