Top Secret Questions about CA Cleanup Enhancement SO11046 ADD REBUILD INFORMATION TO MESSAGE AND TRACKING FILE


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CA Cleanup


 SO11046 ADD REBUILD INFORMATION TO MESSAGE AND TRACKING FILE and how it will alter the layout of the CA Cleanup database and/or our report output.

Will any of this new information change the row and column layout of 

an example of what the DB and Reports will look like after implementing this Enhancement



Release : 12.1

Component : CA Cleanup for Top Secret


No existing records in the DB file or report have been modified.
There will be some new records at the top of the DB file that 
may be visually inspected that will reflect when and how the 
DB file was last updated. Here is an example:

The BUILT date is the last time the DB file was updated by the #DBU program, 
and the SYSID is the system on which that update ran.

********************************* Top of Data ******************
 =Built: 2020/09/21 15:47  SYSID:SYS14                           
 =INCLUDE input data:                                           
 =-End of input data-                                           
 REFDATE USERID    CLASS     NAME                               
 ------- --------  --------  -----------------------------------

Are all the new 'informational' records prepended by '=' in column 1.  
And if so, is '=' in column 1 meant to remain a unique indicator for those types of records.