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BZM: Rolling Variables from GUI Functional Test Response - Can I save text from a Functional test and use it in the next scheduled run or future runs?


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Can I save text from a Functional test and use it in the next scheduled run or future runs?

Like Store Text from an object into variable. Save that variable into Test Data. Retrieve Test Data variable in next run. Use Variable then update Test Data variable later in test to use in other scheduled runs.
Because every time you use the variable it is no longer valid.


Working as designed.


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Unfortunately, no, GUI Functional tests are not designed to work that way.  The object only lives as long as the test.  If a variable is initially defined in a test, then changed while the test is running, the new value is not uploaded to the storage server so the next time that the test runs, it will use the original value stored for the variable when the test was created, not the value that it was changed to during the test run.

You can create an object in the Test Action Library, but the Test Action Library is a repository of all object locators found in all saved GUI functional tests.  If you change an object during runtime, it will not be saved back in the Test Action Library.

You want the next test to change based on what you capture for an object during the current test run. Currently there is no way that you can get that information back to the test programmatically to change what will be used in the next run of the same test or another test.

You would have to create an enhancement request, since this functionality is not currently in BlazeMeter.