CA View/Deliver Code Level and Database Level Compatibilities


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In planning an upgrade of CA View and Deliver from release 12.1 to 14.0, there are a few compatibility concerns: 

1) It is stated in the CA Deliver 14.0 Documentation, as an "Upgrade Concern", that CA Deliver release 14.0 is fully compatible with a release 12.1 CA View database.

    However, in the CA View documentation, beneath the heading of "Upgrading CA View", it is mentioned that the Deliver RMOSTC task must be STEPLIBed with a 12.2 View library, in order to archive to a 12.2 View database. 

   Can a Deliver 14.0 RMOSTC task be STEPLIBed with a View 14.0 load library, and be able to write to a 12.1 View database?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Deliver


The View 14.0 documentation is misleading in that you do not require the same level of View code (especially program SARPAM, that does the direct writes from Deliver) as the same level of database. 

The matter is that you need to have AT LEAST the same level of View code as is the level of the View database. 

The code level cannot be lower than the level of the database, as lower-level code is not compatible with a higher-level database. 

A Deliver 14.0 loadlib can be STEPLIBed with a View 14.0 library and will have no problems writing to a View 12.1 database. 

Overall, if the View loadlib is in the linklist, ensuring that the View loadlib is at a higher level than the View databases concerned, will work well, as it all has to do with the level of the SARPAM module being invoked.