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JUnit Report downloaded via BlazeMeter Jenkins plugin shows 404 Not Found Error


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Tests are successfully started via the BlazeMeter Jenkins plugin. The tests pass but the JUnit report is not being downloaded correctly.  The reports are required for visualizing and archival purposes.
The following can be found in the jenkins.log after the test completes:

[2020-09-02 21:53:33]: BlazemeterJenkins plugin v.4.7
[2020-09-02 21:53:33]: CiBuild is started.
[2020-09-02 21:53:34]: Start test id : 8390203, name : <test name>
[2020-09-02 21:53:35]: Test has been started successfully at Wed Sep 02 21:53:35 UTC 2020. Master id=30779101
[2020-09-02 21:53:35]: Test report will be available at <test summary report URL>
[2020-09-02 21:54:47]: No errors/failures while validating CIStatus: setting SUCCESS
[2020-09-02 21:54:51]: Saving junit report /home/jenkins/agent/workspace/<Jenkins test name>/<build iteration>/results/<report ID>.xml
[2020-09-02 21:54:52]: Saving jtl report /home/jenkins/agent/workspace/<Jenkins test name>/<build iteration>/results/<BlazeMeter session Id>
[2020-09-02 21:54:52]: Trying to get functional summary from server
[2020-09-02 21:54:52]: Got functional report from server
[2020-09-02 21:54:52]: {"testsCount":4,"requestsCount":4,"errorsCount":0,"assertions":{"count":5,"passed":5},"responseTime":{"sum":1107},"failedCount":0,"failedPercentage":100}

The test runs and is successful but the xml report that is downloaded contains something similar to the following:

    "error": {
        "code": 404,
        "message": "Not Found: No such report"
    "api_version": 4,
    "result": null,
    "request_id": "5f5014ab23ea1"


The JUnit option in the BlazeMeter Jenkins plugin expects that pass/fail thresholds have been set for a test.  If none have been created for the test, there is no JUnit report to download.


Release : SAAS



Define Pass/Fail threshold report criteria for the test.  See the Pass/Fail Criteria article for Taurus YAML/API Functional or Performance tests or the Failure Criteria article for JMeter/Performance tests.