Deleted devices in Spectrum are not changing device status to Retired in Performance Management


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Noticed that many devices that was deleted and are no longer seen in Spectrum are still present and actively trying to be polled in Performance Management.


Release : 3.7.x

Release : 20.2.

Release : 21.2.1 through 21.2.7

Component : IM Reporting / Admin / Configuration


In Performance Management 3.7.x, 20.2.x and 21.2.x until 21.2.7 we no longer automatically retire the device when it is removed or deleted in Spectrum.
This changed a few times because of some customers having different requirements - some wanted to have devices deleted, some wanted retired and some wanted nothing done.
A decision was made to do nothing if the device is deleted from Spectrum, until we will put in a mechanism to choose the behavior in one of future products release.

With these Performance Management (3.7.x, 20.2.x and 21.2.x until 21.2.7) releases this must be manually done in Performance Center. If you synchronize life cycles you could put the device in maintenance in Spectrum before deleting it and that would sync over to Performance Center. 

NOTE:  In Spectrum and Performance Management release 21.2.8 we have re-enabled Life Cycle synchronization and extended the functionality.
NetOps 21.2.8 has now the ability to dynamically retire devices deleted from Spectrum in Performance Management to ensure accurate and consistent devices monitoring across both products.  Refer to this Article:

Additional Information

Refer to the NetOps Spectrum documentation for more details on the new feature introduced in release 21.2.8:

-Retire a Device While Deleting