How do I upgrade IWS Connector for AAI?
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How do I upgrade IWS Connector for AAI?


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How do I upgrade IWS Connector for AAI?






For the IWS Connector, it is not a traditional upgrade, you basically copy the new files over to the server in a new directory.  So you can have this in place before you upgrade AAI.


To copy over the configurations from your existing IWS connector, you want to copy over two files.

1. Copy over the /<install dir>/bin/ that you have for the 1.10 IWS connector to the 1.11.0.


This file has the "JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -DeventHoldTime=300" setting which we set to 300 in the last IWS connector.  This is the length of time the connector will pause if it receives files out of order. Default is 24 hours, so you want to set this to 300 seconds, which can be accomplished by copying the file over.


It should also have the memory settings you should have configured for the IWS connector as documented here:


2. Copy over the /<install dir>/conf/server.xml to the same directory for the IWS 1.11.0 connector.  This file has the port configuration, so copying over this file will maintain the same port.


3. As for the IWS Files, evt, def, track, cpop,and baseobjs.

You will want to remove any files that have already been processed before bringing up the service on the new connector to avoid the delays we had on the last upgrade.

Check the Admin->Schedulers tab of the AAI client to see the Last Run Time processed, and only leave event files in that directory after that date.  You will want to keep the current day's and the day before's track, cpop, def, and baseobjs files in that directory. 


This will avoid the connector trying to process all of the older event files that were already processed, which is what happened last time the upgrade occurred.