Missing interfaces in the reporting.interfacemodel table of the SRM reporting database


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The number of interfaces displayed in the following search does not match with the MySQL output below:

mysql> select count(*) from interfacemodel whre destroy_time is NULL;





Release : 10.4

Component : Spectrum Reporting


The reporting.interfacemodel table only supports physical interfaces/ports.

You find additional information in this section of Spectrum guide:


To determine if the port is physical or virtual, check for the attribute Internal_If_Connector_Present - True means physical and False is virtual.


Any Spectrum model will be in the reporting.model table.

You can search in the reporting.model table.

mysql> select * from model where model_class=15;

Where model_class = 15 means port.


The following MySQL query will list all virtual interfaces from the model table. The query will exclude the existing physical interfaces from interfacemodel table:

select m.model_name from model m where m.model_class=15 and m.model_h not in (select im.model_h from interfacemodel im);

Excluding the destroyed models (destroy_time is NULL): 

select m.model_name from model m where m.destroy_time is NULL and m.model_class=15 and m.model_h not in (select im.model_h from interfacemodel im where im.destroy_time is NULL);

Additional Information

Please take a look at the following KB article to get a list of value of the Model Class attribute ID (0x11ee8):


1. Open a bash shell (bash -login)

2. Navigate to the $SPECROOT/vnmsh/ directory

cd vnmsh

3. Run the following syntax:

./show enumerations attr=0x11ee8