Making global changes to the report headings/columns with Web Viewer 14
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Making global changes to the report headings/columns with Web Viewer 14


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Output Management Web Viewer


I recently installed CA Web Viewer R14. As an administrator I thought I could amend the heading that display on the report screen and that would make a global change for all users. This doesn't appear to work for me.  Is it possible to globally set which heading users see?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Output Management Web Viewer


Because the on-line documentation is current, if you are running an older build of the application it is possible to find that a documented feature is not available at your build level. Updating to the most current build level should resolve the discrepancy. 


Solution Document: SO15006

The above solution provides:  UI Properties File Replaced by Application Settings


Additional Information

 The UI Properties file has been replaced by the following settings directly
 within the Web Viewer application:
 - Login Settings:
 Define what users see on the login screen and set rules for password
 - Table Configuration:
 Specify which columns are visible to users when they view a report.
 - Email Templates:
 Define the default subject and body text of the email that is sent when
 users share reports by email.
 - General settings:
 Specify a custom link to provide users with additional information.
 You can import your current settings from an existing UI properties file.