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Manual reinstall of the SDM RU or Baseline patch


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During an attempt to install the 17.2 or 17.3 updates, finding that the HIS file does not show evidence that the update succeeded.  

The following is a means to manually re-install the 17.2 update


Release : 17.2



- Perform a back up of your existing database and make sure you have a snapshot to roll back on the affected server, SDM-Server.  This is important as we'll be making some direct changes to the database and I need you to have a working backup in the event it is needed in order to rollback any such changes.

- In the DB Server, run this query to modify the al_cdb_componentinstallstate table so that the install of the 17.2 update is set to "failed" on the the affected server, SDM-Server

## This query checks for the rows that will be set to failed that relate to 17.2 and the the affected server, SDM-Server.
Select * from al_cdb_componentinstallstate where packageid LIKE '%17.2%' AND machinename = 'SDM-Server'

## This query performs the necessary change
UPDATE al_cdb_componentinstallstate set installationstate = 'failed' where packageid LIKE '%17.2%' AND machinename = 'SDM-Server'
- Commit the above DB query.

 Backup the SDM-Server.HIS file (copy the file to another directory.  Do not leave a copy of this file in place in the same directory as the original SDM-Server.HIS file as this may result in the installer reading the copy by mistake)

- Edit the SDM-Server.HIS using a text editor.  

- Starting from the line that reads "PTF Wizard installed LEH-295_LANGCOMBO (USRD)", remove this line and all other lines below this line, all the way to the end of the file.

The HIS file is used to read what patches you have in place.  We are removing the references to the failed 17.2 patch install attempt to ensure that the 17.2 GA installer reads that there is no 17.2 GA update in place.

In short, this is what you'll be doing to attempt the reinstall:

- Backup/snapshot your database and the SDM-Server server itself.

- Modify the al_cdb_componentinstallstate to set the entries for 17.2 on server SDM-Server to "failed" 

- Modify the SDM-Server.HIS file to remove the existing 17.2 update references

- Run the SDM 17.2 installer on server SDM-Server.