UIM - OC does not redirect to login page: /operatorconsole_portlet/standalone_login.js


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


In UIM 20.3 when navigating to the IP address or hostname of the Operator Console (OC), the browser is not redirecting to operatorconsole_portlet/standalone_login.jsp as expected. 



If you hit http://ocserver:<port> Page not found.

If you hit: http://ocserver:<port>/operatorconsole_portlet/standalone_login.js >> OC opens. No issues.



Deprecated wasp modules can cause this issue. 


uimserver_home_redirect 8.51
admin_console_redirect 9.20


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - Operator Console


Find/Export all installed packages on the OC Robot: 

1. Log in to the admin console 

2. select the robot > Installed Packages > click the export icon, the square with the arrow > it will be saved to disk in the naming format of InstalledPackage_xxxxx.csv containing:

"Package","Version","Build Number","Description"



Remove the deprecated packages from wasp 20.3:



1. CTRL+Right click on the controller probe and access the probe utility:


2. select the callback: inst_pkg_remove:


2. type the package name to remove and execute the command. 


3. Repeat the procedure for all deprecated modules like te below: 

uimserver_home_redirect 8.51
admin_console_redirect 9.20


Package: uimserver_home_redirect 

Probe: wasp

No force: <leave_blank>

Execute command (green PLAY)


Additional Steps: 



1. Stop the wasp

2. Redeploy: 

wasp, ump, mps, mpse, adminconsoleapp, ump_operatorconsole (latest hotfix)

3. Clear wasp/work folder

4. Start wasp and test again.